House Behind House

House behind house

If you’re looking to build another living space at the rear of your block, that is actually a good idea, also one that has become popular among many homeowners who make use of their backyard as an investment especially with the rise of housing needs in the past years. House behind house is basically all that the term implies, although there has been different and much formal terms used for it like “rear strata home” or “rear block home design” to name a few but basically it is another house within your block.

What to know about House behind house?

There are many considerations in building your HBH, for one it may have more requirements needed than that of your existing home. Here are some of the basic key points you need to know about the process of building an HBH:

  • Know your local council requirements

If you have a large block, HBH is a good option for you but with that to say the first consideration would be for you to know if your property has the potential to build a second home.

To do that, check on your local council guidelines regarding residential design codes. Finding a good company will help you and advise you in this matter if you want more convenience in this particular process.

  • Draft a subdivision plan With the help of your chosen team or developers you need to come up with a subdivision plan to suit your existing home. These would also help you gage the most that you can do to your available space and whether or not it will be in accordance to your council requirements and WAPC.

If your block has both the approval of your local council and WAPC you are then ensured that you have the access to build two homes in one title and you don’t have to worry about that unless you have a different choice otherwise.

  • Design of your HBH

You want a space that will stand out and is suitable for what you’re building for, whether for your own use, rental or sell you want to make sure that you get the most of what your block can potentially develop.

Knowing your design will help you see whether your allotted budget and time allocation will fit your need and preferences.

  • Costing of your house design

After carefully choosing a design you can now see if your budget allocation is sufficient for the development. You do not want to over spend for your overall building cost.

Make the most of your investment and carefully plan to have a result that speaks for itself. Know the details of how much you spend and get advice from established home builders.

Choosing your house behind house design

Amongst the other factors this would be a good starter for your research. It can be a long process and work, just to get the approvals, finalize designs and finishes or find the perfect structure for your block but with a positive mindset it’s a project worth investing.

With careful planning you can engage in your own House behind house project. Find the right company to help you ease up the process and look forward to turning your backyard into a cozy and comfortable space that will surely be a huge accomplishment!