Duplex Design Perth

Duplex is a residential building with two houses sharing one main central wall separating one from the other.  The two separate homes usually also share the same layout and design although it can be modified depending on the space available to work with.

Over the past years duplex homes have gained a wonderful response to many would-be homeowners, not only that it is an affordable housing solution but it is very common as hosing infill in established suburbs due to having the ability to be narrow. Would you consider owning a duplex?  

Duplex pros and cons

  • In comparison to buying a standalone house or unit, a duplex is a more affordable option. It is also advantageous to anyone seeking a home in a specific inner location for lower costs.

Although you have to keep in mind that if you choose not to buy both of the houses you must be willing to have a neighbour in a very close proximity.

  • If you consider owning the entire duplex  you can easily convert the other half into a rental space, not only that it cut the cost from buying a regular home, but it also has a potential for steady income.

But if you decide not to do so, you may consider having a family member to live close to you. Both of which is a good deal!

  • If you think that living in a duplex would sacrifice many of layout and designs you have in mind you are mistaken. In building your own duplex you can absolutely incorporate your own taste and make it fit to your own comfort and needs.

One important factor to consider though is the need of your neighbour’s approval most specifically on the external changes you want to apply on the duplex.

Types of duplexes

It is important to know that there are different types of duplexes so you can carefully choose which one is right for you.

Single-Storey Duplex. The most common one is a single storey duplex, which has two identical homes divided equally in the middle.

Two-Storey Duplex. Just like the single-storey duplex, this one share a central wall in the middle with the addition of another floor resulting to a more spacious and comfortable home.

Horizontally-Divided Duplex. In this case, a home is horizontally split, wherein two homes became either an upstairs or downstairs living area.

Battle axe block duplex. This one is the so called HBH or House behind house which basically uses the backyard or the rear of a property to build another home.

Are you Duplex-home ready?

We believe in the potential of what a duplex home can offer, albeit a careful research is necessary to know if this will fit you and your family. Perhaps you want a premium location but looking for an affordable home, duplex may work for you. Or maybe you are looking for a space that you and a family member can settle close together but with a good amount of privacy, if you are looking for an investment that could possible generate an extra income then you may really want to look at buying your own duplex.

With careful consideration of its advantages and disadvantages we really hope you arrive to the best home owning decision you’re looking for!

Duplex plan