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Unit Developments Perth

We are the experts when it comes to designing units that fit on small blocks. From a Duplex to large 12 unit sites we have done it all.

Multi Unit Development Design: $1000

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Unit development Perth

30 Years Of Experience in Multi Unit Developments

We are a small close knit team compromised of a registered builder, an engineer and a designer with a Masters of Architecture. With this much experience and education we are able to put our heads together and come up with fantastic designs that breeze past council with out any issues.

unit developments perth

Unit Development

Types of unit developments we specialise in:

Duplex design


Side by side duplex unit developments

Triplex unit developments


Three unit developments on one site.

Unit develoopments house behind house

House Behind House

House Behind house development

Unit Developments Perth

Developing a property in Perth with multiple units is quite different to creating one dwelling. There are many things to be considered including subdivision& retaining wall, residential codes and local council polices. Therefore, it is vital you have an experienced team to take care of this for you so you can get the most money out of your development at the end.

What is a unit development?

A unit development is when more than a single dwelling is constructed on a block of land. This is created by placing stand along houses, units townhouses or an apartment complex.

Unit developments in Perth are very common in recent times. The reason for this is the rezoning of existing developed land by local councils to allow more than one unit on many blocks in accordance with the R-codes.

The difference between a unit development and property development is that a unit development is actually creating the construction of units whereas property development is creating lots of land.

Without constructing a unit on a property development, it is very hard to sell the land. For example in a triplex development builders do not want to touch 1 of 3 units where they have common property as it creates too many headaches.

Types of unit developments in Perth

Common types of unit developments include a duplex, house behind a house, triplex and an apartment complex.

A duplex is a development where the houses are usually a mirror of each other and have a shared wall down the middle. However, this is less common in Perth as oppose to separate developments.

House behind a house. This is sometimes called a duplex but that is more commonly described as a side-by-side development. It differs in that a house behind a house is a totally freestanding structure. It is also known as a rear strata or battle axe block.

A triplex development is a development with 3 units on the site. These are quite common to all have one common driveway and 3 units behind one another. Alternatively, on corner lot properties the houses can all have street frontage.

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"They gave us confidence the entire way through allowing us to enjoy this process instead of being stressed by it. My wife and I believe this is the best decision we have ever made and this is not our first rodeo."
Al Drake
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"Matt and the team are just incredible and I can't speak highly enough of them. If you are thinking of building, please speak to these guys. Their wealth of knowledge and experience is amazing"
Linda D'Cunha
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"We almost can’t find the words to convey how appreciative and grateful we are of finding Matt and the team"
Sally Mitchell
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Design and Tender

We will help subdivide and then design your project. Once complete we find you the perfect builder.

We work with out sister company Perth Building Broker and help you find the best builder for your project in Perth. We send the fully finished design to multiple good quality builders and get the best price in Perth.

We get the best deals because we have relationship with 100s of builders!